You will find on this page a great variety of meditation retreats and events that we organised year-round in Europe. All these events are suitable both for beginners or advanced meditators. If you speak French, you may also want to visit the French version of this program, to find our retreats held in French only.

Upcoming Events 2024

Sangha Holiday  |27/07 to 5/08 and 5/08 to 14/08  2024| Haut Languedoc, France

Sangha Holiday

registration opens on 1 april

(Fr+Eng) Holidays amongst meditation lovers, held besides a river in the Parc naturel du Haut Languedoc. Apart from silent mornings and sharing groups, there is no fixed program and no teachings and we decide together what we want to make of these holidays. Read more >>

Dharma Yatra | 16 to 24 /07/ 2024 In south France – Lot (46)


registration opens on 1 april

(Fr+Eng) The Dharma Yatra exists since 2001, and is this year carried by Dharma Nature. 8 days to walk in silence in a beautiful countryside, meet meditators from many different countries, enjoy the depth of a simple life, listen to dharma talks, and meditate together… . Read more >>

Dharma Techno Festival | 21 – 25 agust 2024 | Bourgogne

In order to keep our perception clear and enjoy the moment to the full, our festival is drug and alcohol free. We eat vegan and prepare our meals with organic and local produce wherever possible. The site, in the heart of the Bresse region, offers all the comforts we need for our stay: a shower, a dry toilet, a pond and a marquee that transforms into a dance floor when the time comes. We pay particular attention to catering and reception facilities. More information >>>


The Silent Caravan . 3rd edition | november 15 to 26, 2024 | Maroc | English-speaking only

Accompanied by camels, we will immerse ourselves in the Moroccan Sahara. We will let ourselves be touched by this desert, a world of breathtaking beauty. The harmonious bareness of the sand dunes that undulate as far as the eye can see will awaken in us the love of simplicity. The desert, through its relentless language, reawakens in us the knowledge of a pure timeless joy. To accompany this song of the soul, our meditations will be supported by teachings on self-knowledge, emptiness and letting go – all three being aspects of one and the same thing. Read more >>

Ongoing Invitations

On demand Retreat| Date to be fixed together | Vieussan, South of France

(Fr+Eng) A couple retreat, or with your family, or with a group of friends, that is real luxury! Sharing some silence and meaningful discussions with those you love, exploring

meditation together, can deepen your relationship ! We can organise this with you, at any time in the year, in a comfortable guest house, or in camping. read more…. Read more >>