You will find on this page a great variety of meditation retreats and events that we organised year-round in Europe. All these events are suitable both for beginners or advanced meditators. If you speak French, you may also want to visit the French version of this program, to find our retreats held in French only.

Upcoming Events 2022


Silent Mountain Retreat | 3 – 9 January 2022 | Austria

(Eng) In this retreat we explore silence. Feeling the beauty of nature and being away from our everyday lifes will help us to pause and to observe our experience in the moment. Read more >>

Home Retreats 2022 |“Seeing with Wisdom”| Online

Understanding and practicing meditation from the perspective of the Buddha

Five one-day retreats to do as you wish, or a full cycle to commit for 5 months.

February, March, April, May, June

The “Home Retreats” are opportunities to invite silence and the practice of meditation in your home. They are accessible to everyone. You will be guided in the preparation of retreat space at home, you will do everything to not be disturbed and to allow yourself a different day, dedicated to introspection and peace of mind. Read more >>

Sound mind in a sound body | 15- 20 Juin 2022 | Herault, south France

(French only)  A silent retreat in south of France. We will practice meditation, mindful eating following a mono-diet, Shiatsu massage, walking in nature and other energy-giving exercises. We will learn to discover and free ourselves from our addictions to food and compulsive thought. Read more >>

Dharma Yatra | France  27 July-5 August 2022

We’re very happy to announce that the Dharma Yatra is planned, after 3 years of hibernation!

YATRA  (Fr+Eng) The Dharma Yatra is an annual 10 day walking meditative pilgrimage in the South of France. Each year around 150 people join the Yatra to live lightly on the earth. Each day we walk silently for around 5 hours, and by night we camp in tents beneath the stars. The purpose of the Dharma Yatra is revealed in its name. Read more >>

Sangha Holiday  | Haut Languedoc, France 7-16 / 16-25 August 2022

Sangha Holiday(Fr+Eng) Holidays amongst meditation lovers, held besides a river in the Parc naturel du Haut Languedoc. Apart from silent mornings and sharing groups, there is no fixed program and no teachings and we decide together what we want to make of these holidays. Read more >>

Ongoing Invitations

On demand Retreat| Date to be fixed together | Vieussan, South of France

(Fr+Eng) A couple retreat, or with your family, or with a group of friends, that is real luxury! Sharing some silence and meaningful discussions with those you love, exploring

meditation together, can deepen your relationship ! We can organise this with you, at any time in the year, in a comfortable guest house, or in camping. read more…. Read more >>




Walking in Snow | Austria (dates to be annouced)

(Eng only) The beauty of untouched nature covered with a blanket of snow combined with the depth of silence in a beautiful setting to get in touch with oneself, find some rest, feel alive and reconnect with what is really precious to us. Read more >>

Dharma Techno Festival  | France (dates to be annouced)

(French only)  A three day festival, without drugs or alcohol, with mornings and afternoons in silence and group meditations and teachings.And in the evenings, there will be live music to listen to or to dance to. Read more >>