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2023, august, 17th to 25th

The Dharma Yatra is an annual 10 day silent walk, a meditative pilgrimage in the South of France.   This year, it will be carried by Dharma Nature. Raphael, surrounded by a great team, is the main organizer.

This event is an opportunity to meet in simplicity, close to nature, to walk in silence, to listen to Dharma talks, to meditate, to participate in discussion groups, to have a little digital detox, and to meet meditation practitioners from all over the world.

It is also a participative event, and we will need everyone to help us create a beautiful, poetic and meaningful event. Even if some people have accepted to take specific jobs (registration, material management, preparation of the walks, administration, accounting, etc…), there is still everything to do on the spot (cooking, camp management, etc…), and we will make daily work groups. Thus, our spiritual search will be well balanced, between walks in silence, meditations, simplicity of being in nature, meetings , dharma talks, and service.

This time, we will not change camp (or maybe just once), to make the organisation lighter. But there is a great variety of walks around, more then we need. The proposed location is the Lot, 30 km from Brive la Gaillarde near Martel, in the Vignon en Quercy.
We will hike daily in silence through the hills to historical places like Turenne, Martel, L’oeil de la Doue, Cazillac, etc.

Our group will be smaller than the other years, we will limit the inscriptions to 80 participants. Children are welcome. There will be philosophy and meditation workshops for them too!

Denis Robberechts, who started teaching at the Yatra in 2006, will be the main teacher.

Price: A non-refundable deposit of 150€/adult, and 100€/child will be asked at registration. We hope that this amount will be sufficient to cover the costs.

At the end of the Yatra, your financial support, in the form of a free donation, will be needed to pay the organizers, teachers, and to support the association.

If you want to be kept informed of when the registration will be open,  please send an email to Raphael: