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May 26th 2021

Wesak’s full night meditation

It is said that the realization of the Buddha happened during the night of the full moon of May. Every year, millions of people meditate during that night. This festival is called Wesak.

We also celebrate Wesak, on our land, near Vieussan. And this year, the opening night speech will be videoconferenced, both in French and English. This is an opportunity to gather some meditators in your home, and embark on the adventure of a night of meditation. Or do it alone, as long into the night as you can. Meditating, making some pauses for drinking a cup of herbal tea, meditating again…Time stretches in a strange way, allowing us to experience moments of deep and peaceful atmosphere.

This full night meditation, on top of being symbolic, brings a lot of fruit to your practice. If you do it, you will without doubt confirm this., so, I really recommend that you take the challenge !

If you want to start your night with us, listening to the talk, feeling connected as a sangha, send a mail to , and you will receive the link for the visionconference, as well as some tips to make prepare the night.



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