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The Silent Caravan . 2nd edition

Walk and meditation in the heart of the desert

February 20 to March 03, 2023

In the immensity of this dense void, our deep nature finds an echo. A time in the heart of ourselves, where silence is presence.

The spirit of our journey:

During 9 days, accompanied by camels, we will immerse ourselves in the Moroccan Sahara. We will let ourselves be touched by this desert, a world of breathtaking beauty. The harmonious bareness of the sand dunes that undulate as far as the eye can see will awaken in us the love of simplicity. The desert, through its relentless language, reawakens in us the knowledge of a pure timeless joy. To accompany this song of the soul, our meditations will be supported by teachings on self-knowledge, emptiness and letting go – all three being aspects of one and the same thing.

This will be the second time that Dharma Nature will bring a group into the desert (the photos are from the previous trip), and it may well be the last given our questions about the impact of travel on the climate. And as you will see, this project will serve to raise funds for Dharma Nature (mainly to plant trees on our land), as well as for two Moroccan organisations dedicated to adressing the problems of climate change.

Approximate program:

We will walk as part of a caravan, in the silence of mindfulness. Thanks to our guide, our camels and the camel drivers, we will have the possibility of leaving the edge of the desert, to sink into its heart in complete safety. We will change camp every two days. On the days we stay put, we’ll do a loop walk through the thousands of dunes that surround our camp. The walks will be of medium level, without technical difficulties. Walking on the dunes is much easier than on a beach, you sink less! We will practice meditation (sometimes guided) every morning and every evening, supported by daily teachings, intended for both beginners and experienced practitioners. There will also be opportunities to get to know our Moroccan team, of Amazigh origin (commonly called Berbers).

The times spent at the camp (morning and evening) will be open to speaking. We will also have a  retreat day completely in silence, without walking, and with more meditations and a night walk under the incredible night sky hanging on this landscape of panoramic horizons, as well as time alone in the desert.

Additional info:

Meals will be vegetarian. We can cater for dairy-free and/or gluten-free diets, as well as for food intolerance.
We will sleep in a tent on the sand (tents for two people) or under the stars
We will eat Moroccan style sitting on the sand
There will be a toilet tent and a wash basin with a very small amount of water.
Covid: Currently a simple test when entering and leaving the country is required. We will keep you informed in case of any changes.


price per person : 960€/ person
Because early bookings make life a lot easier for us, we offer a price of 890€ if you register before 1st november 2022 !

This price includes :
Pick up at the airport, 2 nights in Marrakech, transport to and return journey from the desert, camping equipment, water, meals (except last day in Marrakech), the salaries of the drivers, guides, cooks, and camel drivers with their dromedaries, and the meditation teachings.

This price does not include :
Your return flight, the meal the last day in Marrakech, the tips for the Amazigh team, extras (drinks, snacks…).
Please note: if this price does not allow you to participate, contact us, and we will see together what is possible.


We need to be sure that we have at least 5 English speaking participants to cover the cost os a translator. So if you are interested, please send me an e-mail at . I think that we will soon reach the minimum number, and you will then be notified of the next registration step.

If you want to speak about journey, you can also call me:  +33 (0)7 82 56 64 78

Solidarity projects:

Amazigh Trekking, which organizes our trip, is a solidarity-based travel agency. You can learn more about their work by visiting their website: 3% of the price of the trip goes towards their projects, which we will have the opportunity to hear about during our time there.
In addition, we will also donate €20 per participant for a reforestation project in Morocco (our choice has not yet been made as to which organisation in particular).