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Extra Sangha Holiday with Philosophy and Meditation workshops for children aged from 7 to 12

Monday 29th July to Monday 5th August


The Sangha Holidays are spiritual retreats with no fixed program and without teachings, which have been offered by Dharma Nature since 2005. Each person brings their own intentions to the event, and nourishes his/her practice at their own pace. Mornings are held in silence, and the afternoons are times for swimming in the river, informal but often deep discussions, meeting new people, going for walks, etc… We collectively cook and take care of the camp (see the page “Sangha Holiday” on the Dharma Nature website for more information).

This year, we are adding an extra Sangha Holiday to the other two already taking place, with a special program for children aged from 7 to 12 years old.

In the mornings, I will offer them an hour for the discovery of meditation, and in the afternoon an hour of philosophical discussion. As you perhaps already know, I have followed a training program in order to lead these workshops, and I now offer them since two years in various schools in my area. Children love these, and me too! For more information on these workshops: 


For adults, it is sufficient to be familiar with time spent in silence, and inspired by the exploration of the Dharma.

For children, we have to limit their number to 12 for logistical purposes. We would like to give priority to children aged from 7 to 12 years old, as younger or older children will not be able to participate in these workshops. If you wish to register with a child aged less than 7 or more than 12, you will be put on a waiting list. We are aware that this is not comfortable, but we cannot see a better way of doing it.

It is essential that the children speak fluent French or English.

The event will also be the opportunity for children a have a “digital detox” and it is asked that you do not bring any electronic games or devices for them.

The total number of participants, children and adults included is limited to 35 people. To make sure that the families have a chance to register, we will wait until the 10 of May before confirming registration for the single adults. If you wish to come with a child, it is advised to register before that date !



DENIS ROBBERECHTS, professional background  

-Training in England to teach meditation to children through the charity ‘‘Mind with Heart’’

-Teacher of mindfulness, accredited by the “Mindfulness Training Institute”

-Holds a certificate of training in attention practice and philosophy workshops for children with the SEVE foundation (recognised by the French ministry of education)

-Offers regular workshops in the primary schools of Berlou, Roquebrun and Armissan, St-Pons, St-Etienne d’Ablagnan and Prémian in France.



° The practice of philosophical discussion helps to develop:

  • The capacity to express oneself and to think clearly
  • The capacity to respect the opinions of others, and from that basis to learn to reflect together with others
  • The capacity to listen without judgement
  • The capacity to think for oneself and develop a critical mind

° The practice of attention helps to develop:

  • The capacity to be attentive
  • Inner calm
  • Self-control
  • A compassionate attitude towards oneself and others
  • A greater knowledge and mastery of one’s emotions



We will set up an atmosphere conducive to discussion through rules which are defined together. Participants will learn to share constructively around questions which each person asks themselves. They will learn the art of debate, ie. to express themselves clearly, to provide support for their opinions, to think for themselves, to respect different points of view, to be open to changing their minds and to learn by listening to others.

The practice of attention consists of periods of silence during which the participants focus on specific areas of their experience (breathing, physical sensations, surrounding sounds,etc …). These techniques, which are now being used in hospitals, businesses and schools across Europe, will enable participants to learn to calm their minds in order to access the capacity to think more serenely and effectively as well as to listen more attentively. More generally, these exercises will develop better management of stress and of negative emotions, and increase the capacity for resilience. The workshops are designed in such a way that participants experience and understand the benefits of these practices, and integrate them naturally in their daily lives, whether in their professional life or in their private life.


The price of €16 per day covers all expenses, and any profit made will fund various projects of Dharma Nature.
In addition, the organisational work will be remunerated on a donation basis. Your participation in this is precious, it allows us to go on dedicating ourselves to the organising of such events. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to bring us this support, don’t hesitate to come. Your presence is what counts for us ! Discover the philosophy of the donation.


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