with Skype one-to-one


A 6 week online course to help you establish a solid meditation practice

Most of us find that it is easier to learn and sustain a meditation practice with some external support. Here are two proposals that will bring your meditation practice to life, fulfilling your longing for peace, wisdom and clarity.
In spiritual life we often come across the notion that meditation practice will only have benefits after many years, that freedom may only be available after years and years of practice.
This course is based on the recognition that meditation is also very helpful in daily life. How can we find out for ourselves? How do we apply it? Holding the question “does it work?” in mind, we will dedicate these 6 weeks to experimenting and finding out.
During this course, we will explore step by step some of the major techniques used in meditation; such as Mindfulness, Open Awareness, and visualisation. We will learn the differences between them, how and why we practice them and how to integrate them into our daily life, and we will experience for ourselves what works and what doesn’t.
If you sign-up for this course, it means that you are wishing to develop a steady, formal meditation practice, and also that you are ready to experiment and explore how simple meditation techniques can be used in your day to day life.
To support this exploration, we will meet on a one-to-one basis every week for 45 minutes on skype. In addition, you will receive texts that summarise the theme of the week and some 20 minute guided meditations in relation to the theme, as well as some instructions to experiment with in your day to day life.
Having experienced this course, I recognise that it is an efficient way of involving you totally in an exploration of what meditation can be, discovering the benefits of it in your direct experience. A good way to boost your enthusiasm for further practice towards wisdom.
Price for the course: Sliding scale from 320€ to 450€. You can decide after the 1rst meeting if you continue.
Timing: Send a mail to info@dharmanature.org for scheduling a first appointment.

Skype one-to-one

There can be many obstacles that prevent us from sustaining a steady practice. One is that we doubt the way we meditate, another is that we lose the inspiration and enthusiasm, or else we face a recurring difficulty. Often, these problems are easily overcome when we can discuss them with someone who has experience on the spiritual path.
If you have the sense that it would help you, then we can schedule some 45 minute meetings on skype. During these sessions, we will speak about your practice, and search together how we can improve it, see where there can be harmful misunderstandings, try to understand what meditation is and what it is not, and see how you can integrate your practice in your daily life.
Price: 40€/meeting
To schedule a meeting, send an e-mail to info@dharmanature.org