Dharma Nature has started working in schools.
To explore with children their inner world, to teach them how to be in contact with their experience, seems fundamental. The world of schools is becoming more and more challenging and demanding, and many children suffer as a consequence. To teach children, through games and discussions, techniques which enable them to manage their stress and difficult emotions, is a duty and a privilege. This is a new direction for us and the paths that this project can take are innumerable.

Whether you work with children or not, if you wish to support this project or simply receive information about it, do not hesitate to contact us:

A word from Denis regarding this project: “This year I will be leading workshops in three schools. Other projects are underway… Some schools do not have the financial means to support this project, and the donation system is not appropriate in these settings. The Dharma Nature committee has thus decided, following a meeting, that my work in schools will be paid on a fixed basis, whatever the budget of a school. If you wish to support Dharma Nature in that direction, you can do a one-time or a monthly donation.”

DENIS ROBBERECHTS, professional background

-Training in England to teach meditation to children through the charity ‘‘Mind with Heart’’

-Teacher of mindfulness, accredited by the “Mindfulness Training Institute”

-Holds a certificate of training in attention practice and philosophy workshops for children with the SEVE foundation (recognised by the French ministry of education)

-Offers regular workshops in the primary schools of Berlou, Roquebrun and Armissan, St-Pons, St-Etienne d’Ablagnan and Prémian in France.


“When I focus on my breathing, I feel free”
Clélia, 10 years old.

“When I think of others during meditation, I feel joy, friendship, happiness!”
Paola, 7 years old