Sangha meetings

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These meetings are offered to allow us to meet, meditate together, share, listen to talks, and discuss Dharma themes.

You can come sometime, or every time ! You will be notifies every time a meeting is scheduled.

If you register, you will receive the monthly Dharma talk and a guided meditation in your inbox (even if you don’t participate to the meetings).

When: On Mondays, maximum twice a month, from 7.15 pm to 9.30 pm (London Time)

Coming dates:

As Spring arrived, it is now on pause, until the Automn. Do register (see below), if you want to be notified when it starts again!


Sharing groups (in small groups)

Sharing groups are an essential part of all Dharma Nature retreats. It is a time when each and everyone can express what is going on for them, and be listened to with a quality of attention and empathy. It is a practice of right speech, of self knowledge, and also of listening to others without judgments.

For the sharing groups to run smoothly, it is essential for everyone to remember and respect a few rules:

* Each person takes turn in speaking

* Attentive listening to the one who is sharing (which implies that you do not prepare what you will say!)

*Do not interrupt, comment, or give advise (this is strictly prohibited!)

* Talk from your own experience, rather than stating beliefs (introspection practice)

* Limit your sharing to a reasonable speaking time, so that everyone also has time to speak.

Philosophical debates (in small groups)

Debates are a good way to progress in our search for knowledge. We learn to refine and deepen our thinking, listen to others and learn from them.

For the discussion groups to run smoothly, it is essential that everyone remembers and follows a few rules:

* Speak only when you are invited to (by an external facilitator)

* Stick to the topic

* Respect everyone’s opinion

*Try to be clear, while remaining concise (especially if you have a tendency to be very verbal).


On donation, as we always do. See here if you are not familiar with this way.

To register :

Send an email to (copy/paste this in your email, this is not a link)
You will receive an automatic response with the link to access the video conference.

See you soon !