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Shifting our views: a way towards freedom

Saturday January 9 about anicca – the impermanence

Saturday February 6 about dukkha – the suffering

Saturday March 6 about anatta – the non-self

The times we are living in require us to adapt. We must find ways to stay fully alive. We cannot let our mind be confined.

This period of physical distancing, as difficult as it may be, can be an opportunity to learn what we truly need to learn: to take care of the inner life of the mind. I believe this is something everyone should do in their own way. And this has always been necessary, at all times. The undeniable truth that neither beauty nor happiness is accessible to a confused mind seems practically absent from our culture. Yet if we take the time to think about it, it is so clear: taking care of our mind is as essential as taking care of our physical health or our living conditions …

To support this search for inner freedom which has always been central in Dharma Nature’s programs, I propose to help you explore the immense beauty of our inner world, from your home, by setting up “Home Retreats”. Prepare for your retreat at home, and participate in live online sessions with teachings, guided meditations, times for question and answer, etc. Each home retreat will be based on a theme, which you can continue to explore on your own in the following days and weeks  through the recordings you will receive. We can then also meet online two weeks later to continue exploring the theme together.


Amongst the many ways of seeing proposed in Buddhist philosophy, there are three main ones which are at the heart of the teaching of the Buddha: anicca, dukkha, anatta – impermanence, dissatisfaction, and not-self… These concepts are essential because if they are properly understood and put into practice, they can radically transform our experience.

Each month we will familiarize ourselves with one of these approaches. By drawing on teachings from ancient traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, but also on recent developments in the domains of neuroscience and quantum physics, we will try to understand how to see reality from another angle, that is much more open and liberating. And, following again from the advice of the Buddha, we will put into practice this new understanding both in our meditations and in our daily lives, learning to see our experience in the light of it. And, as always with Dharma Nature, there will be no need to accept any belief system in order to understand and practice this way.

The second “Home Retreat” will take place this Saturday February 6th. The focus will be on Dukkha, the Bouddhsit concept of Suffering and the end of suffering. The aim of this retreat is to gain a better better understanding of this pillar of our practice, and to experience in our meditations and in our daily life the letting go that this perspective enables.

Conditions for registration

For this experiment to be fruitful, it is important that you already have some experience with meditation, of regular practice. Your practice will be supported by recorded talks and guided meditations.


Days retreats 7am/7pm (London time UTC+0) :

7.00am  : Meditation
7.45am  : Movements*
8.30am : Meditation
9.00am : Breakfast
10.45am : Talk11.30am : Meditation + Q&A
12.30am : Lunch
2h30pm : Meditation
3.15pm : Talk
4.00pm : Tea break
5.00pm : Meditation + Q&A
6.00pm : Closing circle
7.00pm : End

* Movements . Easy hatha yoga practice with Hélène, guided English.

See her website in french >>> 


30€ for the registration for 1 month (non refundable, unless cancellation from our end), plus a donation for the teachings, given at the end.

+ The 10€ yearly membership fee of Dharma nature organisation

Info and registration

For registering to the program send an email to info@dharmanature.org


It was an amazing Sunday. Thank you for offering it and managing it with such benevolent pedagogy.
I took pleasure in organizing a place with candle, incense, Buddha offered by you in India and one offered by my grandson to create an atmosphere conducive to retirement.
I appreciated giving myself this time, at home, without being rushed by any appointment or disturbed by any phone or music. It is possible and I experienced it with happiness yesterday.
I had on your advice, planned my meals and was therefore able to take the time to eat mindfully and read while waiting for the resumption of retirement.
I think that the formula “retreat at home” will help me to set up a daily meditation more easily than a traditional retreat, the scene being set and favorable to the practice.
Thank you for your generous teachings

I want to thank you for this incredible, extremely busy day.
Thank you for sharing with us your own discoveries, this is the first time that I have heard from someone about their meditative experience in such an exciting way! and I find you an educator, especially since the subject is far from easy! I immediately had the intuition that my own practice was going to be transformed and it is already the case! Infinite gratitude for this! Sincerely, Véronique

Retreating from home, retreating from unnoticed habits, retreating from the usual, unreflected way of inhabiting my personal space and time. Setting up a meditation spot the night before brought me almost in a travelling-mode. Anticipating something special. Simply moving unnecessary furniture and putting a blanket on the floor, in order to mark a territory that I won’t enter with my slippers on, starting to take care, creating space. The phone is off, the mail-account stays closed. No expectations towards the outer world. Today, relations will unfold in another direction. The feeling of being held by the structure of the retreat lasts stays even when I leave the meditation spot to go and do the cooking or eat mindfully. No temptation to go into the usual routine. Curiosity of how these well known walls are suddenly sheltering something new, something different.

Membership fee

Dharma Nature is a non-profit organisation based on the 1901 French law, and on that basis, it is necessary to be a member in order to participate in our retreats. The membership fee is 10€, and this money is used to cover the running costs of the organisation. The prices given for the retreats on our website do not include this membership fee.

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