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19-26 janvier 2021 | Drôme  CANCELED /  07-12 avril 2021 | Pyrénées
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Dharma Nature and SP23 (creative collectif of artists) founded Dharma Techno and organise a new concept of retreats. This retreats are the meeting between meditation and techno music.

Five days in silence to enable us to develop the quality of our listening. Teachings and guided meditations that help us dive into our inner selves. And during the retreat, an evening listening and dancing to electronic music mixed by 69DB, from the techno collective Spiral Tribe. An experience without drugs or alcohol, which allows us to realise how the sensitivity refined through meditation opens the way to trance and ecstatic joy.

For the november retreat, you must have already done a silent retreat. This one is longer and we will go deeper in our inner selves.

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Dharma Nature is a non-profit organisation based on the 1901 French law, and on that basis, it is necessary to be a member in order to participate in our retreats. The membership fee is 10€, and this money is used to cover the running costs of the organisation. The prices given for the retreats on our website do not include this membership fee.

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You can pay 10€ by paypal, bank transfer or by french cheque. Could you specify that it concerns your membership. Click-here.

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